Penny Stocks to Buy in 2021

Welcome to 2021

2021 has already been a crazy year, and we’re just getting started.

That’s a good thing!

Here’s why: Major, unexpected economic changes create volatility in the stock market, and volatility means big swings in stock value.

We saw that in 2020, with crazy spikes like Zoom’s peak gain of 817% and Peloton’s 400%+ yearly increase.

No type of stock is better suited for this type of performance than penny stocks, where a change in price of a few pennies per share can create millionaires.


What Penny Stocks Should You Buy in 2021?

It would be nice to have a magic 8-ball that spouts winning stock ticker symbols.

Unfortunately, the store was all out when we inquired.

That’s okay. We kind of think of ourselves as the sweat equity version of a magic 8-ball.

We do all the hard work of finding penny stocks hovering on the verge of breakout territory, and then we deliver that stock’s name and our analysis in a neat little package known as a free email.

Yeah, seriously. We’ll tell you what penny stocks we believe you should buy, in a free email. If you think our judgement is sound and you have some money to invest, you can buy the stock through your favorite trading platform (we don’t sell any stock ourselves). Or, you can just sit back and see what WOULD have happened if you purchased at the bottom.

Just please don’t email us kicking yourself at missing out on a crazy return. We get enough of those emails already.

What to Do Now?


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